Our Team


John Rafferty

President & CEO

In 2009, WATCH GUARD 24/7 was founded and formed by retired NYPD Lieutenant, John Rafferty. John has been the successful visionary and leader who has worked effortlessly to build and expand the company to what it is today. Evolving from strong roots in law enforcement, WATCH GUARD 24/7 has become one of the most well known and reputable security companies in NY and NJ.

John leads with and instills upon his employees the same dedication, attention to detail, and responsiveness he exemplified in the NYPD. Upon his retirement, John was considered as one of the most decorated Lieutenants in the NYPD. He was assigned to some of the busiest, crime ridden commands in Brooklyn, NY which revealed a proven track record for combating crime. He was the recipient of the second highest honor of the police department; the Combat Cross.

John began his career in the 67th precinct and dedicated most of his time in Anti-Crime. He then quickly rose through the ranks of Sergeant and Lieutenant.  John was assigned to Housing PSA 3 as a Sergeant and shortly thereafter became assigned as the Street Narcotic Enforcement Unit Sergeant and eventually the Anti-Crime Sergeant, covering the housing projects in Brooklyn North. He then went on to become the BRAM and Squad sergeant in the 60th Precinct Detective Squad.  John was later assigned as the Commanding Officer of the 62 Precinct Detective Squad and then promoted to Lieutenant and assigned as the Special Operations Lieutenant in the 73rd Precinct in Brownsville, Brooklyn.  In 2009, John retired, entering the private sector.

John is an expert in his field, bringing this extensive experience in dealing with crime and crime prevention to the forefront of WATCH GUARD’s day-to-day operations. He is an expert witness providing testimony in court and is frequently featured on Fox News as a commentator on security issues. John graduated from St. John’s University with a degree in Criminal Justice.


Michele Rafferty

Executive Vice President/Chief Financial Officer

Michele Rafferty was one of the founders of WATCH GUARD 24/7 in 2009 and resumed her role as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer in 2012. She is responsible for the overall direction and financial management of the company. She manages the company’s financial risk, budget planning, and insurance programs. She plays an integral part in implementing strategy and various objectives in both the financial and administrative divisions of the company.

Prior to WATCH GUARD 24/7, Michele worked for Chubb Group of Insurance Companies where she had over 10 years of experience in commercial insurance and risk management. She brings this extensive knowledge of risk assessment not only to oversee WATCH GUARD’s operations, but to our clients to ensure the proper security plans are in place and our clients are properly protected.

Michele graduated Summa Cum Laude from St. John University with a degree in Computer Science and Information Technologies.


Keith Fallon

Vice President of Operations

Keith oversees all business operations and manages the team of security directors for all divisions. He ensures all the segments are running efficiently and is responsible for the overall success of the portfolios.
He overseas our 24 hour command center, field dispatch team, contract compliance, training, and clients relations. Keith is also involved in risk management and workers compensation claim management and handles inventory control to include fleet, communications equipment and uniform purchasing.

Keith Fallon had a long decorated career in the New York City Police Department, beginning as a Patrol Officer in the 75th Precinct in Brooklyn. He quickly moved through the ranks into the Organized Crime Control, and later the 115th Precinct Detective Squad in Queens. He was hand selected by the Chief of the Detective Bureau for the role of Dignitary Protection expert. Keith is trained in high-profile dignitary protection, and protected several high-threat political dignitaries to include Prime Ministers of Israel Ariel Sharon and Ehud Barak, The Chairman of the Palestine Liberation, 0rganization Yasser Arafat, Prime Minister of the UK Tony Blair, and the 1st female Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, during their visits to United States. Upon his retirement from the Police Department in 2004, Keith entered the field of private sector service as a Senior Director with FJC Security Services Inc. within risk and fleet management. Keith joined WATCH GUARD 24/7 in 2017 as a Director of Security, was promoted to Senior Director, and Vice President of Operations in 2018.

Keith brings his extensive law enforcement background to the frontline of WATCH GUARD 24/7’s operations and is instrumental in ensuring clients have the proper security plan in place.


Joseph Anderle

Director of Security

Joseph oversees one of the largest not-for-profit organizations that we service. He manages the security team for multiple locations throughout the 5 boroughs. Joe works closely to ensure these operations are effective and efficient and that WATCH GUARD 24/7 will deliver a product that consistently exceeds the industry standard. Joe is responsible for client relations and ensuring all of our clients’ individual needs are met.

After 21 years of service in the NYPD, Joseph has extensive knowledge in policing and law enforcement. He brings this level of expertise to the clients he services and in the management of all security personnel.

He held many positions throughout his tenure with the NYPD including Patrol, Anti-Crime, Supervisor, Police Academy Instructor and Sergeant in the Fire Arms and Tactics Section. While in the Fire Arms and Tactic Section, Joseph supervised an instructor team that provided scenario based training to investigative units such as NYPD, Street Crime, Precinct Anti-Crime, Drug Enforcement Units, and NYPD Warrant Units.

Joseph is a graduate of John Jay College of Criminal Justice and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice. Joseph is a certified Police Instructor and Firearms Instructor.


James Alles

Director of Security

James is the Director of Security for the Events and Hospitality Division. He develops and implements support strategies to meet the individual needs of each establishment. He is responsible for client relations and ensures that our security team is delivering the caliber of service that is expected in the hospitality industry. With extensive experience in law enforcement, he is able to effectively coordinate protocol and procedures that are critical to crowd control, theft, and physical and personal security. His background is crucial when coordinating with local law enforcement regarding special events.

James is a retired Deputy Inspector with 28 years of experience in the NYPD, where he focused on anti-crime, narcotics and executive-level coordination. He started out in the 103rd Precinct in Jamaica, Queens and was sent to the original Citywide Street Crime Unit.  He quickly rose through the ranks as a Detective in narcotics, Sergeant in the 19th and 25th Precincts in Manhattan, 44th precinct in the Bronx, and Brooklyn South Narcotics. He supervised the Community Policing Program as well as the Street Narcotics Enforcement Unit. He was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to the 10th Precinct in Manhattan .  He was the Platoon Commander and later assigned as the Integrity Control Officer. James was promoted to Captain and was assigned as the Executive Officer of the 43rd, 44th and 45th Precincts in the Bronx and subsequently the Commanding Officer of the 45th Precinct.  He was promoted to Deputy Inspector due to his proven track record of reducing crime and effectively managing his teams while serving the City of New York.  After his promotion he was transferred to the 52 Precinct and designated the Commanding Officer. He retired in 2009 and entered the private sector.


Norma Slocovich

Director of Sales & Marketing

As Director of Sales and Marketing, Norma Slocovich is responsible for the coordination, augmentation, and day-to-day operations of the Sales Department, as well as, company-wide marketing efforts. Norma is involved in every aspect of the business development cycle from handling initial phone inquiries to coordinating with Contracts and Operations for seamless transition and successful program start-ups.

Norma brings to WATCHGUARD 247 nearly 12 years of high-level sales support experience within the security industry. She has worked for Summit Security Services and FJC Security Services where she created and implemented employee onboarding programs, was a key contributor toward thriving sales performance, and administered successfully proven sales processes. While at FJC, Norma was also responsible for the design, implementation, and daily management of business and technical workflows within the company’s CRM system. Norma was instrumental in rolling out a comprehensive quality assurance program which permitted virtually unlimited KPI metrics and robust and comprehensive reporting capabilities.

Norma is a Notary Public for the State of New York and is trained in CRM System Administration through Salesforce.com.


Frances Valasquez

Director of Human Resources/Corporate Compliance Manager

Frances manages our Human Resources Departments as well as acting as our Company Compliance Manager.  She ensures company adherence to all state and federal employment laws, legal standards, and in-house policies and procedures. Frances is responsible for enforcing regulations as well as providing guidance on compliance and HR matters, with the goal of preserving the Company’s integrity and compliance standpoint.

Prior to joining WATCH GUARD 24/7, Francis was the Director of Human Resources of the Aviation Division at JFK International Airport with two National Security companies. Francis worked with the Port Authority of NY & NJ, as well as the Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Security Administration and Federal Aviation Administration agencies for over 28 years.

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